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New York Personal Injury Defense Attorneys Protect Individuals and Businesses

Skilled firm defends clients in the Poughkeepsie area against claims alleging negligence

Whether you’re a large corporation facing a defective products claim, a property owner being sued for a fall on your premises, or a driver facing a lawsuit for accident injuries resulting from a crash, it’s important to be represented by a qualified and experienced personal injury defense attorney who can assert your rights. The lawyers at Ryanne Konan Law Office and Legal Services defend people and businesses in the Poughkeepsie area and throughout New York named as defendants in personal injury lawsuits. In all cases, we will seek to limit your liability for damages, which could include payments for medical costs, lost wages, and other losses claimed by the plaintiff. Whether we are able to reach a favorable settlement or defend your rights in court, we provide the diligent defense you deserve.

Proven litigators defend clients in a range of injury cases

Our attorneys have successfully represented individuals, companies and insurance carriers against unsubstantiated claims, exaggerated settlement demands and other actions involving:

  • Unsafe premises
  • Engineering, design and warning failures in products liability actions
  • Construction accidents
  • Auto, truck, motorcycle, and other vehicle accidents
  • Industrial accidents, including machinery accidents and operator negligence
  • Wrongful death
  • Medical malpractice
  • Chemical and toxic material exposure
  • Negligent hiring/supervision
  • Home and commercial property damage

Whatever the injury or property damage, our attorneys possess the extensive litigation experience needed to vigorously represent you against any personal injury claim that may cause harm to you or your business.

Knowledgeable advocates counter injury claims

In any personal injury action, the plaintiff must prove that you, the defendant, owed him a duty, failed to uphold that duty, that failure caused an injury, and the plaintiff was injured as a result. In representing you or your business against a personal injury claim, we may be able to provide a defense that asserts:

  • Mitigation of damages — The plaintiff could have taken steps to mitigate the damage but failed to do so.
  • Assumption of risk — The plaintiff voluntarily engaged in an activity that they knew had the potential to injure them, such as a sport.
  • Statute of limitations  — The plaintiff failed to file the lawsuit within the state’s time limit, known as the  statute of limitations. Claims filed after the statute expires are usually not upheld.
  • Pre-existing injury — The plaintiff’s injury existed before the event, so was not our client’s fault.
  • Waivers and releases — The plaintiff signed a waiver or release that absolves our client of liability in the event of an injury.

Depending on the facts of your case, we may pursue these or other options in challenging the claim against you or your business. Even when negligence can be shown, we will assert your rights in a settlement to mitigate your losses.

Experienced lawyers take prompt action in your defense

Our attorneys are well versed in New York personal injury and tort laws and provide effective and diligent representation to clients facing personal injury claims. It’s important to seek skilled counsel as soon as you are named a defendant. Prompt action enables us to collect evidence when it’s still available and witness recollections when they are fresh. Our courtroom experience and track record of successfully defending clients, combined with compelling testimony from medical experts and other professionals we consult with, allow us to develop effective defenses that work to your advantage in settlement negotiations and at trial.

Contact our New York personal injury defense law firm

For skilled defense against personal injury claims throughout New York, call Ryanne Konan Law Office and Legal Services in Poughkeepsie at 888-536-1434 or contact us online to schedule a  consultation.